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Brian Taillon Brian J. Taillon Marketing Scholar New Mexico State University Ph.D.

Brian Taillon is a doctoral candidate in Business Administration (Marketing) at New Mexico State University. His research interests include advertising, social media and online marketing, and retailing. In addition, Brian has experience teaching Advertising Strategy, Retail Management, Marketing Principles, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Brand Management and Global Business Concepts. Teaching courses of all sizes, Brian has taught courses face-to-face, online, blended and virtually in a long-distance classroom. 

Brian is currently the Chair of the American Marketing Association's Doctoral Student Special Interest Group (DocSIG). He is also a member of the Academy of Marketing Science, Association of Consumer Research, Society for Consumer Psychology, American Academy of Advertising, Society for Marketing Advances and Marketing Management Association.

As a proud graduate of Youngstown State University (2005), Brian earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Williamson College of Business. While an undergrad, Brian studied abroad in Adelaide, South Australia at Flinders University. In 2008, Brian graduated with an M.B.A. in Strategic Marketing from The University of Akron.

In Brian's free time, he enjoys working out, traveling and spending time with his family.

This website provides a glimpse of Brian's professional and academic experience.  Take a look around to learn more about this marketing scholar!  Please feel free to contact him directly by using the "Engage with Me" menu above.  

Curriculum Vitae
Teaching Philosophy




Dynamic Imagery

Brian’s substantive research interest lies in the areas of advertising, digital marketing, retailing and consumer behavior. One stream of his research investigates dynamic imagery, or the perception of movement in still pictures.  Brian has discovered that brand-related dynamic imagery outperforms non-brand-related dynamic imagery on higher order advertising outcomes in print ads.  

This is a short video introduction to Brian's Retail Management course often used on the first day of class.

Brian loves working with students and engaging them in the classroom!  He enjoys teaching a variety of marketing courses, but he is especially intereted in teaching Advertising, Digital Marketing, Retail, Marketing Principles, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research and IMC.  Teaching in a variety of course delivery modes is a skill Brian has learned through his years of teaching experience.  

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