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Dr. Taillon currently teaches Marketing Strategy, a capstone marketing course in the College of Business. This course is designed primarily for undergraduate students with a coursework foundation in marketing and business. This course provides students with an understanding of:


1. Marketing strategy concepts and models;

2. A framework to analyze marketing strategy decisions;

3. Analyzing marketing situations; and

4. Strategic decision-making in marketing.


The course enables students to:

1. Become better able to analyze marketing strategy from a decision-maker perspective;

2. Develop students' ability to think critically and creatively; and

3. Develop students' ability to explain and defend ideas.


Course learning objectives map to BSBA learning goals through content, industry analysis, case analysis, and integration of business knowledge (e.g., accounting; finance; management, leadership). Specifically, industry analysis provides students with the opportunity to problem-solve, consider the macro-environment, communicate, and develop team leadership skills (Think, Value, Communicate, Lead).

The course utilizes experiential learning to provide consulting services to local businesses. Teams collaborate to develop a marketing plan to address specific marketing objectives.


One who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

– John Cotton Dana, 1912 


As a first-generation college graduate, I understand the challenges and rewards of academic achievement. The above quote by John Cotton Dana, an American public librarian and founder of the nation’s first business branch, embodies what has become the spirit of my teaching philosophy: a commitment to lifelong learning. My commitment to this process is reflected in the way I approach courses I teach: first, I focus on not only the content of the course but also the process by which students acquire knowledge; second, I integrate technology and skills preparatory for both personal and professional success; third, I promote a class environment that is physically and emotionally safe. These three pillars build the foundational objectives on which my courses are based.   


While designing my course, I take my responsibility as a marketing educator seriously.  Charged with the important mission to facilitate the learning process, I find it critically important to establish and communicate clear goals and objectives for time spent with students. A comprehensive syllabus and course materials that specifically detail the learning objectives and the tasks to be completed are essential to communicating my expectations. Additionally, the design of my course lays the important foundation on which learning is built. In my classroom, I focus on experiential learning to provide students with meaningful, practical opportunities to build professional and personal skills preparatory for a business career.

In each of my courses, I strive to design practice-oriented experiential learning projects that allow students to work with local businesses or non-profit organizations in the community. I believe this experience facilitates deeper learning of the course material, allowing students to apply the concepts and topics covered in class to real-world business practices. Often, these projects require students to work together on teams to set objectives, goals, and deliverables. Working on teams allows students to practice and learn new skills, such as building consensus, working through difficult problems, dealing with opposing viewpoints, prioritizing work, and holding themselves and others accountable for deadlines. It also provides students with the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people and build interpersonal communication, time management, and networking skills. I believe these skills are important to develop in students to best prepare them for future careers in business. From homework assignments to class projects, the importance and practice of these skills are reinforced throughout my course. I also appreciate the uniqueness of each student and the knowledge and skills they bring into the classroom. I endeavor to support all of my students in the learning process.

Dr. Brian J. Taillon
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