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Dr. Taillon currently teaches Marketing Strategy, a capstone marketing course in the College of Business. This course is designed primarily for undergraduates with a coursework foundation in marketing and business. This course provides students with an understanding of:


1. Marketing strategy concepts and models;

2. A framework to analyze marketing strategy decisions;

3. Analyzing marketing situations; and

4. Strategic decision-making in marketing.


The course enables students to:

1. Become better able to analyze marketing strategy from a decision-maker perspective;

2. Develop students' ability to think critically and creatively; and

3. Develop students' ability to explain and defend ideas.


Course learning objectives map to BSBA learning goals through content, industry analysis, case analysis, and integration of business knowledge (e.g., accounting; finance; management, leadership). Specifically, industry analysis provides students with the opportunity to problem-solve, consider the macro-environment, communicate, and develop team leadership skills (Think, Value, Communicate, Lead).