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Dr. Brian J. Taillon

All around us, the world of marketing is spinning with new products and services while marketing managers are evaluating ways to improve the customer experience and deepen brand relationships through the use of artificial intelligence. Companies are rolling out innovative loyalty programs and seeking growth in emerging markets as the sharing economy is inviting first-time entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. It is a ferociously awesome and neat time to study marketing!   


So often, we go about our day focused on the details when right in front of us there is an amazing world offering inhabitants tremendous beauty, opportunity, and hope. It is important to stop and appreciate the moment and the distance we have traveled. Each day we learn more yet understand less. It is the paradox of learning. 


In this spirit, I find my worlds colliding. On the one hand, there is rigorous science and theory while on the other hand, there is industry and practice. In the classroom and in my research, I endeavor to bridge the gap between theory and practice in a unifying and empowering way. While my efforts are a work in progress, this website is intended to be a useful tool regardless of whether you are a student or an experienced marketing professional.



Life at ECU
Teaching Philosophy




Implied Motion

Dr. Taillon’s substantive research interest lies in the areas of advertising, marketing communications, branding, and consumer behavior. His research investigates implied motion, or visual techniques used to facilitate dynamic imagery. He has discovered that brand-related implied motion outperforms non-brand-related implied motion on higher order advertising outcomes in print ads.  

Dr. Brian J. Taillon

Dr. Taillon loves working with students in the classroom and takes his role as an educator very seriously. Driven by his own experience as a student, Dr. Taillon enjoys the challenge of connecting textbook strategy with real-world application. He is especially interested in teaching Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Retail, Marketing Principles, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, and IMC.  

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